Friday, April 11, 2014

A Few Favorites

Leo is 1!

How did our little nephew turn 1? We drove to Martinez to help this little guy celebrate his birthday with a baseball themed birthday. Best theme ever. Zia, the nachos were fantastic. 

Pretty mama and Leo. 

Pearly getting a little Zia time. 

Just the two of us. 

Cake time!

Bouncy house high-jump time?!? Seriously impressed with the amount of air that J's cousin got.

Gus was loving the bouncy house.

A Quick Stop

Dogs + kids = good times and total chaos. Vera was in heaven playing with Hefner...the pup in her arms.

Pearly Girl

So, so close to crawling! The next series of photos are the many faces of our Pearly-Girl. I feel so lucky that she is a part of our family and that I get to spend my days with her. 

Lego World

Only in the last six months has this household really gotten into the Lego craze...and, crazy it is. Sis and I used to build with legos when we were kids. Yes, I am about to start a story with, "Back when I was young..." But seriously, we had two large buckets of legos that we used to build houses and cars, cars and houses. Pretty much those two things all the time. At one point, I remember making a castle with my dad using a Lego kit and that was huge.

Legos are a whole other thing now. Kits, complicated little pieces, books, and graphic novels are the norm. Hello, even I am singing the song from The Lego Movie..."everything is awesome when you are part of a team."

The set above is from the world of Chima, a world where different animals fight for the use/protection of Chi. It has a gazillion pieces, many that have no real purpose other than to make it a bigger set, and was flipping difficult to piece together. It didn't help that several times during the build process we were missing a piece. Missing because it got misplaced or because it was put in the wrong part. Finally, after days and days of working on it and then getting frustrated, it was completed. And you know what, it is addicting.

I want to buy all kinds of sets and get frustrated all over again.

Monday, April 7, 2014


...and so darn cute!

More and More

With two of them in school, the amount of artwork, school work, and just plain stuff that comes homes is amazing. I started off with a drawer for each of them. Vera's has been conquered, by second grade, a drawer is holding most of the important bits that she wants to save. Not Keller, oh no, the kindergarten students bring home a project (or more) a day. If I saved everything I would need a small room to store it all. They aren't paper size projects, they are HUGE. My solution, pictures.

After all these, Keller still looked wounded when I went to recycle some of it.